What a has-been. What a WAS-WAS.

What a shouldn't-be.

what a was-was
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Hay gurl. This is Judd and Katy's Guide to Life, SAUCY STYLE.

Caroline's pigtails are unacceptable.
Judd and Katy are fully capable of being ZOOM kids.
Vote for the opposing team in a caucus.
Never fool a fool; he may become aggressive.
Say 'grey', never 'gray', because it's punishable by treason.
Always, when given the chance, mock Ms. Ratliffe's orthopedic eyewear.
A nut isn't a nut. It is a legume.
DO NOT refer to people as their name appears in the yearbook.
Never partake of the Jungle Juice, for it is saliva, and saliva alone.
Never apply coconut-scented lotion to your hand, as it may trigger a press release.
Oh, feed us some figgy pudding.
You must become personal friends with the members of S Club 7.

If you don't follow these rules, you can't sit with us at lunch. I mean, not just you, like any of us.

Maintainer: Judd: ifthelineisdead
Moderators: Judd: ifthelineisdead and Katy: katyray
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